Why SMS Marketing

Companies are turning to SMS or mobile marketing today because it delivers personal, immediate and actionable content to a target audience that has opted to receive messages.

Short code Marketing campaigns are rapidly growing in popularity because of their inherent simplicity, ubiquitous outreach, societal trendiness, and perpetual accessibility. Whereas some forms of mobilization may require smart phone interaction, nearly all mobile phones are capable of receiving text messages.

In addition to providing access and engagement to the world’s largest addressable market, SMS campaigns have proven to be more effective than traditional marketing methods such as email or banner ads. For example, SMS Campaigns achieve over a 90% opt in rate, compared to 22% for email. Consequently, Mobile is capable to deliver profound results in terms of response rate and database generation, far superior to traditional forms of advertising. In fact the average SMS response rate typically ranges between 15% to 30%, compared to 5% for email and 2.6 for direct mail.

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