The Truth about Text Message Marketing and Social Media

iPhone ImageThere are many different ways to measure the effectiveness of marketing effectiveness today. Advertising sales reps have invented new terms like number of impressions, cost per impression, and open rate which is clever and may seem appealing to naive advertisers but in my humble opinion it’s a way to push their product with no regard for the return on investment to the advertiser.

There are many things that sound good but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is butts in the seats.  The real question an advertiser needs to ask before signing a contract or running a campaign is “Will this put butts in the seats” and if so what is the return on my advertising dollar?

Text message marketing is the most cost effective way to reach your customers!

Text Messaging vs. Twitter:

90% of your customers have a mobile phone and can send and receive text messages vs. 9% of people who have twitter accounts. The number of messages the average twitter follower is exposed to every month is 9100 versus 534 text messages. Text is quick and to the point without all of the clutter of social media. Open rates for text messages are 94% within 10 minutes.

Text Messaging vs. Facebook:

56% of people have Face book accounts which are good but still a small number compared customers who have cell phones. Like twitter, face book users are exposed to 9100 messages per month versus 534 text messages.  Opt ins for text are 3 times as likely as a Face book like and 9 times more likely than a twitter follow.

Response Rates:

Response rates for text messaging are 5 to 7 times that of twitter, face book, or email campaigns and 7 to 14 times the response that of direct mail.

In Summary:

Text Messaging Marketing works and with only 1% of customers currently using text to reach their customers there is a tremendous upside for companies wanting to market to their existing client base. Customers you market to spend 67% more than those you don’t. Before taking on any advertising campaign have a goal and a way to measure the effectiveness of the campaign through redemptions. At the end of the day the only way to measure ROI is “Butts in the seats”.

Derek Thielen
President, Velocity Marketing Group

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