Mobile Marketing Case Studies

Ashley Furniture Home Store held a 4 day secret sale that was only promoted by email and SMS. After subtracting the discounts from coupons, Ashley Furniture sold $122 dollars of merchandise for every dollar spent on SMS and $76 for every dollar spent on email.

Planet Funk a chain of clothing stores for men and women selected a mobile coupon campaign to drive traffic to its stores for a December sale. The store had a 91% redemption rate on 2000 issued coupons, which generated 20% of December’s total revenue. Overall the store calculated a 377% return on investment as a result of increased sales.

Hospitality companies such as MGM have used SMS codes to get prospective travelers to join its mobile marketing database. Consumers that opted in could participate in promotions that provided discounts for hotel rooms, amenities, dinning and show tickets.

Pizza Hut ran a commercial with an SMS call to action that entered the customer into a contest for a chance to win a Pizza Hut Pizza once a month for a year. Those that entered the contest were prompted to sign up for other Pizza Hut communications via SMS. Within 2 weeks, the campaign had received more than 2000 consumer opt ins and 54% moved to double opt in.

A large mall-based retailer turned to mobile to drive brand awareness and generate store traffic as it entered the Canadian market with new stores. The retailer offered a free T Shirt as an incentive to join the mobile program, but the customer had to collect it at the store grand opening. The campaign was a success, generating a 30% redemption rate for the T Shirts and a six fold return on the cost of the text message campaign.

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