Introduction to Mobile Marketing

Hey what about me your customer??

Mobile Marketing QuestionsToday businesses have more marketing and media choices than ever before.  The list of marketing vehicles to reach potential prospects is endless and with the advances of technology and social media those choices continue to grow at a rapid pace.  What is the right marketing mix to attract the customer I am looking for?  After all business owners should have a good idea of who their customer is right?

Well if you know who your customer is then the goal should be, how do I get more of the customers I want through my doors for the best price thus maximizing the return on my marketing dollars? I don’t know if it’s a trend or not but when I talk to business owners they are always looking for that one marketing magic bullet that will send hundreds of new customers through their door and end the abysmal marketing mix saga forever.

This may surprise you but the answer to this question is really quite simple.  Hey what about me your customer?  Do you have any idea the worth of your customer?  These are people that have already done business with you at least once, they bring their hard earned money and give it to you freely in exchange for a desired experience, and they tell people about your business.  It seems to me that client that you are looking so hard to find is right under your nose. How about rolling the red carpet out for these people who already know and love you? My guess is if you would spend more time addressing the needs and concerns of the people on the inside of your business (customers) people from the outside would start showing up by osmosis.

Since we know that it is 10 times more expensive to buy a new customer than it is to keep an existing one why don’t businesses try harder to keep their existing customers coming back again and again and again?

Enter the magic bullet..

If you could get half of your clients to increase the amount of times they did business with you in a month would that help your business? My guess is it would, but it gets better… Did you know that your customers spend 67% more when you market to them? So increasing your business through your customer base by 5% could increase your profits by as much as 25%!!

So if I know that I need to market to my existing customers and get them in again, how do I do that?  We’ll everybody on the planet has a cell phone (94%) and since 80% of those people carry them around all day long maybe you should send them a text message and offer them a reason to come in again? You say well I already send them an email with specials, and I would say “good for you”, that is a great start. At least you are making an attempt to build trust, good will and loyalty with your most important asset. For most companies this does work and they do see a return on investment.  Since we know that only 23% of emails ever get opened and that 97% of text messages get opened within 10 minutes, maybe there is a better way.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, text message marketing is the wave of the future.  Fortune 500 companies have been implementing SMS marketing into their campaigns for a while now, and if smart money is doing it don’t you think maybe it’s time to jump on the bandwagon?  Your customers will be happy you remembered them and so will your bank account.

Derek Thielen

Owner, Velocity Marketing Group

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