Speed Differentiates in Customer Service

Shep Hyken

A post by customer service expert Shep Hyken
Shep Hyken is a professional speaker and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling business author who works with companies who want to develop loyal relationships with their customers and employees.

Exceed expectations with quick response to your customers needs!

This is a great way to improve service. It can make good service great and great service even greater.

How fast do we return calls, send out proposals, etc.? Overnight mail, courier service, fax machines and email have made it possible to deliver information to our clients faster than ever before. Speed differentiates.

Twenty years ago mail order companies used to promise their products would get to you in six to eight weeks. Over the years it was cut down. Today you can usually get the product by the next day. In some cases, the same day. And, there are certain items, such as software and publications, that can be had in minutes thanks to the ability to download from the internet.

So, incorporate an element of speed into your service strategy. This doesn’t mean rushing people through a business transaction. You must pick and choose the best places to use speed. Thanks to technology in a fast paced world, people expect and want things fast.

When you are about to send out that next proposal, ask your customer when they would like to see it and then do everything you can to exceed their expectation. It’s easy to be average but doing the little things well can be the differentiator in your business.

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